Tours in Antakya


Tours in Antakya

Antakya is the capital of Hatay Province, the southernmost province of Turkey. The city is located in a well-watered and fertile valley on the Orontes River, about 20 kilometers (12 mi) from the Levantine Sea....

Antakya is rich in history and civilization due to the many civilizations that have gone through it. The city contains many monuments, history and religious evidence that make it a unique city. Among the most important historical, religious and natural monuments in the city are the following:

Mount Sibelius
This mountain contains Roman and Byzantine fortresses on its summit, and its foundation dates back to the days of Emperor Theodosius I (378-395 AD). King Naqfur II Phukas also added many castles and buildings to the mountain in 969 AD.

Antioch Museum
It was opened in 1948 AD, and it contains Byzantine and Roman mosaics, the mosaics date back to the first century AD until the fifth century AD. The museum contains the largest mosaic gallery in the world, and it also contains many Roman and Byzantine ruins that were discovered in the city.

Saint Peter's Church
It is the place that contained the Christian religion at the beginning of its emergence, as its followers practiced their faith in secret in this church, which was like a cave. This church witnessed the launching of the name of Christians for the first time among followers of Christ, peace be upon him.

Titus Channel
It is a Roman engineering marvel that they built by creating a 1.4 km long canal between the rocks, although it is dry at the moment, but there are still tourists who care about it.

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