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Tours in Bursa

Located on the slopes of Uludağ Mountain in the north-western part of Turkey, Bursa represents the creation of an urban and rural system establishing the first capital city of the Ottoman Empire and the Sultan’s seat in the early 14th century. In the empire’s establishment process, Bursa became the first city, which was shaped by kulliyes, in the context of waqf (public endowments) system determining the expansion of the city and its architectural and stylistic traditions....

The specific development of the city emerged from five focal points, mostly on hills, where the five sultans (Orhan Ghazi, Murad I, Yıldırım Bayezid, Çelebi Mehmed, Murad II) established public kulliyes consisting of mosques, madrasahs (school), hamams (public baths), imarets (public kitchens) and tombs . These kulliyes, featuring as centres with social, cultural, religious and educational functions, determined the boundaries of the city. Houses were constructed near the kulliyes, turning into neighborhoods surrounding the kulliyes within the course of time. Kulliyes were also related with rural areas due to the waqf system. For example, the aim of Cumalıkızık as a waqf village, meaning that it permanently belonged to an institution (a kulliye), was to provide income for Orhan Ghazi Kulliye, as stated in historical documents.

Uludağ Mountain, Teleferik (Cable Car), Çınar Ağacı (Plane Tree), Waterfall, Saitabat, Silk Bazaar, Turkish Lokum

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Most Popular Places in Bursa

Uludağ Mountain

Uludag is the largest ski resort of Turkays, you can ride the cable car to transport from the city center. You can watch the city of Bursa from high until you reach the first 2200 meters of the lift and then watch the magnificent forest view of Uludağ National Park in the winter with white flowers. You can cook in the restaurants around, enjoy your barbecue and enjoy nature with rental safari engines.

Uludağ Mountain

Saitabat Waterfalls

Very close to the city center, Saitabat Waterfall is formed by the flow of water from Uludağ. You can have a pleasant lunch or dinner in the restaurants around the waterfall in the summer, cold in summer and warm weather in winter.

Cumalıkızık Village

It was founded in the north of Uludag in 1300s. This village, which consists of 700-year-old houses with three floors, has been able to preserve its historical texture and has become a place for tourists visiting Bursa.

cumalıkızık village
plane tree bursa

Plane Tree

The Historic Plane Tree was 612 years old and witnessed almost all of the Ottoman Empire period. The view of Bursa, takes you away from the crowds of the city and give you peace. There is also a tea garden where you can relax under the majestic branches and sip your tea. It has become an important symbol that the local and foreign tourists did not pass by.

Teleferik Bursa

Get ready for an amazing experience! A trip in the clouds that you can enjoy with the longest cable car line in Turkey. With its line extending from Teferrüç Central Bursa Station to Uluda Hotels District, the new cable car provides comfortable and ecological transportation opportunity. Teleferik Bursa.

Teleferik Bursa
oylat caves

Oylat Caves

Oylat Cave consists of narrow galleries with a total length of 700 meters. Bursa Oylat is one of the most popular attractions of health tourism with its wonderful nature, forest view, clean air and healing spring water. Oylat Cave was formed as a result of fault lines.  Cave lighting You can see the amazing atmosphere clearly. There are stalactites and stalagmites formed in thousands of years with the drop stone ponds.

Places to see in Bursa