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Emirgan Park Istanbul is the oldest and most beautiful of Istanbul’s historical public parks and one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey for nature enthusiasts.

The era of Emirgans of Istanbul dates back to before the Byzantine era, then it was developed by the Ottoman sultans, starting with Sultan Murad IV, and passed down through the generations until Khedive Ismail bought it.

The park is located in the tourist district of Sarıyer, northeast of Istanbul, and has a dense and diverse vegetation cover and a picturesque nature that made it one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Istanbul.

When visiting Emirgan Park Istanbul, you can enjoy a wonderful picnic or relax in one of the largest and most beautiful public parks in Istanbul, across an area of ​​117 acres (470 thousand square meters).

Also, by wandering around the garden, you can enjoy the appearance of the cypress trees that Emirgan Istanbul is famous for, along with 120 other species of trees and plants dating back to the era of the Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations, the most famous of which are pine, eucalyptus, cedar and oak.

But if you are a fan of flowers and their smart, fragrant scent, the garden is one of the best places in Istanbul, where you can enjoy its charming beauty by visiting the three sections of Emirgan Istanbul Garden, each of which bears the name of one of the colors of the flowers that adorn it, such as yellow, white and pink.

If you are lucky, attending the Tulip Festival organized by Emirgan Park in Istanbul in April of every year will be a wonderful opportunity for you to enjoy a colorful paradise of tulips.

Emirgan Turkey Istanbul Park is also an ideal location for family picnics with the company of children, where they can have fun in their own play area.

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