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Bursa Turkey, or as the Green Bursa is called, the great city “Ulusehir”, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, and the final resting place of its founder Osman Gazi, one of the tourist cities in Turkey, with the longest cable car in the world.

Tourism in Turkey is characterized by diversity, as it overlooks the North at the Sea of Marmara, while to the south, the Uludag Mountain rises to the highest peak in the Marmara region, with a height of 23499 meters above sea level, the famous Uludag Mountain is a global ski resort for tourists from all over the world.

The best 4 parks in Bursa

The gardens are one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bursa, where the city includes a collection of wonderful gardens, in this tab we review you the best gardens of Bursa Turkey, which is a special destination for family picnics and tourists as well

  • Kulturpark Bursa
  • Botanik park Bursa
  • Bursa zoo
  • kaplikaya cazibe merkezi

5 most beautiful waterfalls in Bursa

The beautiful green city of Bursa by nature and its tourist attractions, includes several wonderful waterfalls that attract tourists from everywhere where we review you here the most beautiful waterfalls in Bursa, which we advise you to visit it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bursa

  • Saitabat waterfall Bursa
  • Kureklidere waterfall
  • Suuctu waterfall
  • Oylat waterfall
  • Doganci waterfall

The most important 6 lakes in Bursa

Lakes are one of the most important that attracts visitors to tourism in Bursa, where the city is surrounded by many charming lakes some of which are famous among Arab tourists and some have not heard of Arabs yet, in this tab we review you the most beautiful lakes of Bursa

  • Uluabat lake Bursa
  • Manyas bird paradise Bursa
  • Iznik lake Bursa
  • Dagyenice lake Bursa
  • Doganci lake Bursa
  • Kara Göl

Best 5-star hotels in Bursa

  • Hilton Bursa Hotel
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel Bursa
  • Sheraton Bursa Hotel
  • Almira Hotel Bursa
  • Baia Bursa Hotel


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