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Sapphire Mall Istanbul is one of the most amazing and amazing skyscrapers in Istanbul and the tallest ever, as the tower reaches about 236 meters above ground, so the tower is important to tourism in Turkey .

The Sapphire tower contains a group of wonderful stratified gardens that repeat every three floors and consist of a group of diverse plants that give the tower a natural touch of fairy beauty.

The most important feature of the Sapphire tower is that it is one of Istanbul’s complexes that bring together entertainment and shopping workers, as it includes a group of wonderful stores and shops along with entertainment areas for adults and children, and it is also one of Istanbul’s malls that are frequented by a huge number of visitors periodically.

Enjoy watching the beauty of Istanbul from the top, as Safeer Mall contains an observation platform at the highest point in all parts of Istanbul, which gives you a stunning panoramic view.

The Sapphire tower Istanbul also provides helicopter tours as it is keen on entertaining its visitors as you see the view of Istanbul and its wonderful attractions from above.


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