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Sapanca Turkey (in Turkish: Sapanca) is distinguished by its very beautiful nature and its wonderful location, as it is located in Sakarya within the Turkish Marmara region on the Asian side of Istanbul and is about 15 km away from Izmit, and it is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Turkey.

1- Lake SapancaLake Sapanca

The main destination for tourists in Sapanca Turkey is one of the largest natural lakes in Turkey, located in the middle of a group of green forests, and it is an ideal place for those looking for relaxation, tranquility and charming natural places.


2- Masukiye SapancaMaşukiye Sapanca

Masukiye is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Sapanca, Turkey, located in the north of Sapanca Lake, 20 km away. Where the beauty of rural nature meets the sound of the rumbling water flowing from the top of the mountains, the fresh air and you feel as if you are a guest of nature, there are 25 waterfalls, including the big and the small ones

3- naturkoySapanca Naturkoy

It has a nature unlike any other place, the mountains on the one hand, and the beauty of nature on the other hand, which makes the place at the top of magnificence, especially in spring and summer.

It has a small lake resulting from the pouring of several rivers, and there are some types of animals such as ducks and rabbits, and places of entertainment for children. It is advised to go to it for relaxation and rest, as it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Sapanca.

4- Kartepe SapancaKartepe Sapanca

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Sapanca, its height is 1650 meters, and it overlooks Lake Sapanca in a dazzling fashion. Its distinguishing feature is that it receives tourists and visitors in summer and winter, with an open cable car extending from the bottom of the mountain to the summit.

In winter, it is covered with white snow, and skiing is widespread at that time, and when the snow melts, the mountain is covered with a green dress to be a resort and a place to relax.

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